The special climate environment of Guilin Scenery in the world, gave birth to the Momordica grosvenori magic and can not be replaced by healthy ingredients, Southeast Asian countries known as the "Oriental mystical fruit ".

Momordica grosvenori growth on soil, sunshine, rain and temperature difference between day and night conditions require very strict, physiological characteristics of different strains of male and female, let it become more mysterious fruit. The world has only Guilin produces Momordica grosvenori, if transplanted to other area can not be healthy growth, it is not beyond the Momordica grosvenori magical precious.

Siraitia grosvenorii (also known as the longevity fruit) is a medicinal and edible plant, its cool and sweet, there is Qingrejiedu, Liangxue Weishu, phlegm cough Qingfei Runchang, Shengjinzhike efficacy, is the health effects of domestic and foreign medical, health care and food industry recognized.

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