"Making the fairy fruit" mangosteen nutrition soup
For the name "Luohanguo(Monk fruit)", even if you feel mysterious will not feel strange, but it is a very good health care fruit, a variety of soup is more favorable flavor and nutrition, the understanding of the effect of Siraitia grosvenorii and role and nutritious soup making Luohanguo! Sweet and cool, lung large intestine meridian, Runfei cough, ...(More)
The effect of Siraitia grosvenorii, for most of us, we know little about the Momordica grosvenori. Our understanding of it only when throat uncomfortable drink soaked in Siraitia grosvenorii, and as a moisturizing effect in autumn is coming. However, there is not only the throat Momordica grosvenori effect, the article introduces the effect of Siraitia grosvenorii ...(More)
The 3 paragraph of Siraitia grosvenorii weight loss diet health
Become fashionable thin beauties eat mangosteen? If you eat it you can slim down you believe? Don't believe me, you can try Oh! Lose weight "industry" development so far, has become a common gas, various kinds of ancient law reducing weight, diet, and even in diet therapy, drug therapy...... Emerge in an endless stream, a see things in a blur, not know what course to take ...(More)

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