Guilin Shili Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suqiao economic development zone Guilin where is famous for beautiful scenery and cultural atmosphere. The factory covers an area of 25000 square meters, has advanced modern production lines for fruit extraction, nutrition and health food, functional health drink , fruit and vegetable comprehensive application, also has a product development research centre and test laboratories. We are a agricultural industrialization leading enterprise of Guilin which is professional focus on R & D, production and sales of Luohanguo nutritional health products, we also have right to independent import and export. We are the president of Guilin plant extracts Association, member of Guilin Luohanguo industry and technology alliance, Guangxi Luohanguo Functional Health Products Engineering and Technology Research Center, member of Guangxi large-scale instruments shared network, Guangxi information application enterprise, Guilin Top-ten the most innovative enterprises, Guilin advanced enterprises to develop the rural economy and outstanding tax enterprise.

       Our companies focus on the development and application of unique Guilin Luohanguo, we are the first in China which created "Luohanguo low glycemic index (LGI) nutritional health products” (foods, drinks and sweeteners etc.). Through independent R&D and technology innovation, we has completed more than 20 scientific research achievements, acquired more than 20 provincial level science and Technology Progress Awards and national invention patents, our product is Guangxi Top-ten health products, Guilin Tourism Expo designated products, World Health Assembly Yongfu International Health Festival designated products, etc. Our Company is already become the only one Luohanguo functional health products enterprise with producing, researching and developing.


           Development is the eternal theme. In 2013, Leads of Shili company decided to build a professional, high-standard production base of Luohanguo health products with international standards in the "Homeland of Luohanguo"--Suqiao Economic Development Zone, Guilin. Nowadays, the base covers an area of 25000 square meters, plant construction area over 20000 square meters. Building structure, environmental greening, water and electricity facilities are in accordance with the standards of export food production enterprises, It is provide a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of the international market.


         Heart is boundless, expanding is boundless! A Luohanguo health production base in scale is toward to the country, toward to the world! There is a new starting point, Shili will be the national enterprises, based on China and facing to the world, create a new Chinese brand. There is a new starting point, Shili will shoulder the mission of Luohanguo health cultural developing. The endless river eastward flows; with its huge waves are gone,We still full of pride with a dream: sweet world!

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