He Weiping, Male, Born on Jan 1954,from Guilin, Guangxi, The chairman of the board and the enterprise legal person of Guilin Shili Science & Technology Co.,Ltd


1、Professional Resume

● 1978-1994 Work in College of chemistry and test center of Guangxi Normal University,  as director of the laboratory. 

● 1993-1996  Deputy general manager of Guilin SITE New Technologies Inc. 

● 1996- now Vice president of Guangxi Light Industry science and technology Institute.

Chairman of the board and general manager of Guilin Shili Science and  Technology Co. Ltd., 

Director of Guangxi natural plant research institute.

 ● 2000  Scientific Advisor of Lingchuan County People's government.

● 2003  Member of Lingchuan County People's Congress Standing Committee

● 2005  Professor of Guangdong Ocean University. 

● 2006  Member of Lingchuan CPPCC. 

● 2010-now President of Guilin plant extracts association. 

● Research on natural plant extraction separation technology and separation and application of extraction functional factor of natural food for a long term.

2、Outstanding deeds

●Founded the chemical analysis chamber test center of Guangxi Normal University,  leading installation and acceptance more than 20 sets of imported chemical analysis precision instrument and established 14 supporting laboratory, in 1992 the analysis chamber was voted advanced collectives of  National University Laboratory  and advanced collective of Guangxi University Laboratory. 

● Leading eight studies identified by Guangxi science and Technology Commission, which was domestic initiative or reach the domestic advanced level. 

● completed two research achievements won the third prize of Guangxi scientific and technological progress award. 

● Founded science and technology enterprises with research, development, producing and sales of natural plant products

● 1994 -2014,  tax over 100 million Yuan,  developed the Guangxi advantageous resources, create a good economic and social benefits, promote the economic development of mountainous areas, contributing to the science and technology and the economic development of Guangxi.


●1990  First prize of Guangxi science and technology progress awards, one of Third prize of Guangxi Association for science and technology  outstanding paper awards, two of three prize of Guangxi science and technology progress awards. 

●1992 Advanced individual of the Guangxi Colleges and universities laboratory work awards, advanced individual of the second Guangxi large-scale instrument management awards. 

●1993 Advanced individualof 1989-1992 Guangxi Normal University association for science and technology annual awards. 

●1995 Scientific research award of Guangxi Normal University Ganshubei education fund

●1996 Second prize of Guangxi science and Technology Commission progress awards, Second prize of  Guangxi light industry science and technology progress awards, progress prize of Guilin science and Technology Commission, a  a. 

●1998 Outstanding director (Manager) of Guangxi light industry, advanced workers of Guangxi science and technology system, Guangxi outstanding contribution scientific and technical person of. 

●1999 Guangxi advanced science and technology worker. 

●1999 Third prize of Guangxi scientific and technological progress awards,  four of second prize of Guangxi light industry science and technology progress award. 

●2005 Outstanding employees of Lingchuan County Labour Union

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